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Refund Request Form

You must complete this form in full to qualify for a refund.
Warning: Opening a claim for non-delivery with paypal will result
in a download fraud investigation.

We logged your IP upon download and will seek damages against you for making a false
We appreciate your business and your feedback helps us make better products.
Incomplete, incorrect or illegible requests will be ignored.



Your Full Name:
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Purchase Date:
Transaction ID:
Email used to purchase:
Reason for refund request:
What could we have done differently to keep your business?
How much time did you invest in this product?
Did you feel the time invested was enough time to properly test?
Is there anything else you want to add?

I confirm the following statements to be true under penalty of perjury.

1. I have deleted my copies of this product from all storage media.
2. I understand that by continuing to use this product or content from this point
I may be liable for punitive damages up to $1,000,000

You must agree to the preceding statement by typing your name above.
This is the equivalent of your electronic signature.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire.

Please double check your information is accurate.


Privacy policy:

We maintain a database of people who refund and may share this database with other
companies for blacklisting purposes at our discretion. “Serial Refunders” people
who refund more than once or initiate a single “Chargeback” will be banned from
future purchases.