About Prosperity Publishers

1222Prosperity Publishers is a video, software and information media publisher.

We’re strategically located in Downtown Cape Coral, FL.

Which allows our team to remain in touch with the creative active young city and to network and build relationships with local artists and entrepreneurs located in the city vicinity!

The company has been founded on the single belief that ultimate prosperity is attained by creating inspiring happy media that solves problems and helps people achieve the successes they desire.

We provide the best possible tools individuals require to have success in their Faith, Fitness, Family, and Finances (Ultimate Prosperity).

Prosperity Publishers is the brainchild of Anthony Aires an experienced and astute entrepreneur with many life experiences that allow him to share his knowledge with others interested in a fun prosperous journey.

Some of his protege’s have gone to create businesses worth millions.

Anthony’s vast network of internet marketing colleagues and real estate investors give him a wide spectrum of successful entrepreneurs for Anthony to network and mastermind ideas with.

Anthony has made it his mission to bring success into the lives of all the people associated with him…through their success Anthony’s success thrives.

Prosperity Publishers is a company with a team focused in excelling at cost per action lead generation and marketing, social media marketing, information and software publishing, product launch consulting, search engine optimization, conversion science, and  online customer acquisition through various online distribution channels.

Let us help you achieve ultimate prosperity.